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40 Winks intuitive enough

The good:

Cute graphics. Reminded me and my 9yo daughter of Monsters Inc., only more complex and more fun (mature).

The bad:

We never found the opportunity to save our progress so we had to go back to the beginning after our 3rd death.


Seemed intuitive enough to us. We played for 45 minutes and went through about 6 lives . . . We had to go back to the beggining (intro) twice because we did not find a place or a way to save in that time (we failed to complete the 1st level and save within an hour). Even though it was a might laborious, it was more challenging and interesting (complex) than Monsters Inc. (which I liken it to).


40 Winks


There are not many good adventure games that do not star a huge breasted women that you can play on your Playstation. This one however is better than the normal games that you might find. It is not overwhelmingly great and not perfect, but you will be able to play through it a couple of times before you get bored. Challenging games are hard to come by, but 40 Winks definatly delivers. If you are a fan of the genre I would definatly recomend at least a rent maybe a buy, but not a needed adition to your collection.


40 Winks - Playstation

The good:

nice 3d effects

The bad:

no guide - no walkthroughs - not for children


This game is about to be tossed. You cannot find help on it any where except for codes.

They did not make a guide for this game and it is impossible to play without one.

This game would be more than frustrating for children as it is already so for adults.

There is too much guessing at what you do next in a level and absolutely no hints.

When they made this game they did not have anyone in mind. They marketed a game that you cannot proceed with and ends up being a total waste of money.

When a game is complicated, a guide is essential or an available walkthrough.

I assume no one has been able to c...

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