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Pokémon trainers who missed out on their chance to get Darkrai from GameStop in May need not... posted Sep 27, 16 2:44pm

Sep 23, 16 4:08am
added 9 new screenshots to Dragon Ball Fusions (3DS)
Sep 23, 16 4:07am
added 22 new screenshots to Pokémon Moon (3DS)
Sep 23, 16 4:07am
added 22 new screenshots to Pokémon Sun (3DS)

If there's one thing many Pokémon trainers can't live without, it's Pokémon Bank. After its 2014... posted Sep 20, 16 7:40am

Sep 20, 16 5:16am
added 3 new screenshots to Monster Hunter Stories (3DS)
Sep 16, 16 3:02pm
added 3 new concept art to Monster Hunter Stories (3DS)

The summer drought finally ended on a high note in August with a lineup of highly anticipated... posted Sep 16, 16 8:52am

Sep 15, 16 5:32am
added 2 new concept art to Pokémon Sun (3DS)

Tokyo lies in ruin, and it's up to the Godslayer Nanashi to decide whether the city will have posted Sep 13, 16 11:50am

As many Pokémon fans no doubt know, Europe is getting a special Sun and Moon themed New 3DS XL in... posted Sep 13, 16 10:42am

Swampert X
Sep 8, 16 3:49am

wrote a user review for Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)


The game has you, a new hunter, brought to Bherna village to become a hunter for the Wycademy, a...

Exclusive Pokemon won't be the only the only major version difference between Pokémon Sun and... posted Sep 6, 16 12:47pm

Sep 5, 16 10:12am
added 15 new concept art to Mario Party Star Rush (3DS)

To close out today's Direct presentation, Nintendo announced the fourth title in a series that... posted Sep 1, 16 7:07pm

Sep 1, 16 2:18pm
added 11 new concept art to Mario Sports Superstars (3DS)
Sep 1, 16 11:42am
added 5 new screenshots to TANK TROOPERS (3DS)
Sep 1, 16 11:36am
added 6 new screenshots to Ever Oasis (3DS)