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wrote a user review for Story of Seasons (3DS)


Note that this review is intended for fans who have played at least one handheld Harvest Moon...

It's official. Bravely Second ゲット! BravelySecondEndLayer 3DS

The team behind Rune Factory and Story of Seasons, now comfortable in their new home as part of... posted Apr 22, 15 10:50am

With Disney Infinity becoming an annual franchise after last year's Marvel Super Heroes... posted Apr 20, 15 3:55pm

The best combos are the accidental assists. SuperSmashBrosForNintendo3DS 3DS

A 3DS tinkerer on Reddit has uncovered something special for Super Smash Bros. fans to think... posted Apr 15, 15 12:21pm

With the latest Pokemon movie finally coming to theaters in the west, it makes sense that that... posted Apr 14, 15 10:36am

wrote a user review for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS)


If you only buy one game for your 3DS then that game should be Super Smash Bros. Also you are a...