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Aug 20, 16 8:01am
this game is too sexual MarioandSonicAtThe2016RioOlympicGames
Aug 20, 16 7:58am
this game is bullshit SuperSmashBrosForWiiU

When Mario Party: Star Rush was announced at E3, fans didn't know whether to be excited or... posted Aug 19, 16 12:40pm

Gamescom may be going strong, but at least one company is already looking ahead. There's no... posted Aug 18, 16 11:33am

Aug 18, 16 9:24am
anybody got Gale Wings Fletchling anybody can help me with one ^^ PokemonX
Aug 16, 16 7:39pm

wrote a user review for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (3DS)


What's this? InsanityS is reviewing a game in 2016 that's not on PC and it's not a Nintendo...

We've seen a small selection of the demons awaiting us in Tokyo, so now it's time to talk battle... posted Aug 16, 16 12:42pm

Aug 15, 16 2:45pm
added 6 new screenshots to Moco Moco Friends (3DS)
Aug 11, 16 6:34pm
I'm having trouble finding someone willing to trade me a piplup or dialga :/ PokemonAlphaSapphire

We've known Nick was coming west next month, so it was only a matter of time before Capcom nailed... posted Aug 11, 16 11:31am

Nintendo's got a thing for retro gaming these days. The Virtual Console is hardly a new concept,... posted Aug 11, 16 11:29am

Aug 10, 16 1:37am
How do you find they last tiger scroll after getting the roc cape scroll TheLegendOfZeldaTheMinishCap

It's back to school time. While that means moaning and groaning for many of us, Nintendo's hoping... posted Aug 9, 16 9:51am

Aug 7, 16 9:55am
Need help completing the Dex looking for a sparrow PokemonAlphaSapphire
Aug 5, 16 5:35pm
added a cheat to Gotta Protectors (3DS)

The Final Fantasy series has become a big staple in the mobile RPG genre over the last few years.... posted Aug 3, 16 9:36pm

A few months ago I was able to play an early preview code of the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer... posted Aug 3, 16 10:18pm

As Shin Megami Tensei continues to grow, so too does the demonic companion roster. As we already... posted Aug 3, 16 11:04am