3D Pinball: Space Cadet

  • Released on Jan 1, 1995
  • By Maxis for PC

3D Pinball: Space Cadet Tips

Try and stop the ball in the flipper so that you can make your aim for where you would like the ball to go more easily.

The hyperspace bonus is what you should aim for. It is the easiest way, in my mind, to get points and extra balls. To get to it, either shoot the ball up from about 1/3 of the way down on the right flipper, or right above the very tip of the left flipper. Try to get the ball to go in the hyperspace section as many times as you can. The more times, the higher score, the more extra balls you'll get. My high score for pinball without cheats is 26,856,500. Every time I play, I am able to get up to right about in that range. The way I do that is to just keep aiming for extra balls, then once i have enough, I go for the tasks/missions. You can rack up points quickly and easily this way. If you practice aiming for the hyperspace, you'll end up getting really good at hitting it, until you can get to it almost every time.

Something else i have used before is: When you hit the ball up into the purple ramp, there is a white "bridge" that the ball will pass under. Try to get the ball to hang just before the white underpass as long as you can (without running out of fuel) before you move the screen with the tilt button. (only hit this button ONCE!)The longer you are able to hold the ball before releasing, the more points you will get. Doing this will give you MILLIONS of points! The scoring is so high becuase its extremely hard to do. Your best chance of getting the ball to that position would be to aim for the purple ramp, and release the ball off the flipper slowly. You have to time it exactly right, or it wont work out. The ball will either come rolling back,(sometimes resulting in a gutter ball that is unable to be retrieved, even if you try to with your flippers) or you will hit the ball too far. You have to pretty much get everything to work out perfect.