2002 FIFA World Cup (GC) Cheats

2002 FIFA World Cup cheats, and Codes for GC.


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Alternate ending music.
Play the World Cup on World class mode and use any team except for France. Once you get to the World Cup finals, defeat your opponent with a score of 2-0, 4-2, or 6-4. At the end of the game, the music will not be what is normally played. Instead, it will have the title screen music blended in.
Unlock Teams.
Win the World Cup with an North American or South American team to unlock the All-Americas team in a friendly match.

Unlock the All-Americas, All-European, All-Asian, and All-African teams to unlock the All-World team in a friendly match. To unlock the All-World team in World Cup mode, win with every single team three times in world class mode without losing a single game.
To unlock the All-Europe Superstar Team, simply win the World Cup with a team from Oceania or Europe.

To unlock the All-Asia Superstar team ,win the World Cup with a team from Asia.

To unlock the All-African Superstar Team, take an African team through to the end of the World Cup.