2 Minute Mysteries: Witness or Murderer? Walkthrough v1.2 - The Lost Gamer
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2 Minute Mysteries: Witness or Murderer? Walkthrough

by The Lost Gamer   Updated to v1.2 on
Version 1.2 7/4/12

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2 Minute Mysteries: Witness or Murderer
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Walkthrough
003.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called 2 Minute 
Mysteries: Witness or Murderer. It is a two-minute mystery 
game for the iPhone, in which a detective tries to 
determine if someone is a witness or a murderer.

This game is part of a ten game series.

If you feel like contacting me about this guide, feel free 
to email me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com.


The detective questions a woman named Kelly, who claims to 
have witnessed a murder. She tells him what happened.

Once her story is over, you have to answer two questions.

1. Is she a witness or the murderer?

Answer: Murderer

2. Correct. Select the keyword clue that proves she is 

Answer: Lights

The detective is quick to catch the flaw in Kelly's story: 
the claim that she was reading at the time of the murder. 
If that's true, why were all the lights in her apartment 
turned off? The detective arrests her.

That's all there is to the game. As the title indicates, it 
only takes two minutes to finish the game. 


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).