[edit] Background

1XR is a futuristic racer combining fast-paced combat with an innovative -- and as-of-yet undisclosed -- killer-feature

[edit] Features

  • Five unique worlds: Oasis, Arctic, Temperate, Urban Wasteland and Asteroid
  • Nine distinct weapons: Ballistic guns and lasers, Guided Missiles, Countermeasures
  • Open-ended yet compelling career mode: Solo and cooperative campaigns
  • Realistic physics and vehicle dynamics: Meqon 1.5 physics engine, powering Duke Nukem: Forever
  • Customizeable vehicles: Unique upgrade tree
  • Stunning, next-gen graphics: Powered by Gamebryo 2.0, the engine behind Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Beautifully-rendered environments featuring dramatic terrain and lush forests created with SpeedTree technology

The Vehicles

  • Jet Fighter: Flying just above its earth-bound enemies,the Jet Fighter is the fastest vehicle bar-none; although its low armor is a liability in intense combat, the plane is truly the ultimate racer.
  • GT Racer: The GT Racer is the fastest land vehicle and is gifted with unparalleled acceleration; in combat, however, its low armor makes the racer vulnerable to attacks while its high speed and moderate handling make targeting difficult.
  • Off-Road Warrior: The Off-Road Warrior has remarkable versatility: although slower than the GT Racer on packed surfaces,this beast of a machine easily tackles all but the roughest terrain with its beefy tires and four-wheel steering.
  • Hovercraft: Despite its low speed, the Hovercraft benefits from the ability to traverse any terrain, including water; additionally, its powerful armor makes it a most intimidating adversary in battle.

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  • Developer: Infinite Games
  • Genre: Racing - Car
  • Perspective(s): First Person,Third Person
Release Dates
  • North America: Q2 2006