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shredding with the big boys in its own way


Going back to 1080 Snowboarding is a bit tricky – in this day and age (or *bleep*, since 1999) where extreme sports games are about pulling off sick tricks for high scores, it’s kind of odd to come back to an extreme sports game where you race against someone. That’s especially the case here where, if anything, tricks are worthless. Like, at best, they add bugger all since there’s no point system or added speed for a successful trick; and at worst, you’ll fall flat on your face and risk losing the race. Yeah, there’s a trick mode where they’re actually relevant, but to that, I say “go play ...


1080 snowboarding.

The good:

Decent soundtrack, good graphics, a brill stunt mode to try out all of your fav tricks.

The bad:

Not enough courses.


As the first snowboarding game I have ever played I would have to say this is one of my favorite games. Its got some decent soundtracks and fairly good graphics.
Theres a stunt mode where you can perform tricks and stunts, and theres a race mode where you basically race another guy on different courses, that has jumps and other cool stuff.
The only thing I could say against the game is there are not enough different courses.
I would strongly recommend this game to any one with a N64.

Thanks for reading my review

JuSt 2 XtReMe


I like it, and I'm not even a snowboarding-fan.

The good:

Good graphics
Decent music
Satisfying sense of speed
Multiplayer is excellent
Nice stunt-part
Courses are well-designed and sizable

The bad:

A bit foggy
Not that many courses


Graphics: Good-looking backrounds and characters, nice animation, great background, but not really that sharp. Still, overall impression is really great.

Sound: Okay sound-effects, Okay music, nothing too special, but certainly not bad.

Gameplay: Good control, well-designed courses, nice sense of speed, excellent multiplayer. Really good indeed.

Lifespan: Not that many courses, but three difficulty levels, some stuff to unlock, lots of stunts to learn and a good multiplayer available. It lasts long, allright.

Overall: The best snowboarding-game on the N64, not that the contest is especially hard.


Raynor Review


- First Snowboarding Game ever
- Was very fun fun to play with at the time when there wasn't games around like there are.
- I say buy it because its extremely cheep now and very worht it.
- The graphics arent very good but when you compare it to the time it was released it was one of the best games out and now its trash.
- I give it 1 thumb up only because I am a skateboarder and I favor the THPS series more than any other X-treme sport game.


This is what started snowboarding games...

The good:

Graphics, gameplay, race modes, multi-player...

The bad:

You can't rotate while doing tricks...


This game right here is what started snowboarding games. It has tons of replay value and has a great multi-player for you and you're friends. The graphics for the time being are extremely good with fairly good physics as well. The riders in the game are all pretty cool and are all very different in every way possible. A good buy.

Overall Outcome: Buy It!


...is it really worth your time?

The good:

Okay graphics

The bad:

No gameplay
Lack of better multiplayer other than to race
Not many places to pull off tricks


It's a snowboarding game, it's pretty okay, but decide for yourself if it's really worth your time by renting it a little.

The graphics are okay, seeing as the visuals are quite what it seems on a mountain, I suppose. A good amount courses, built on racing rather than tricks.

The only sole option to do multiplayer in this game is to race someone down the course and reach the finish line first. This game might have been better with a little more multiplayer stuff.

Most snowboarders adore tricks, but in this game, there is hardly and places to pull of tricks, except on big jumps, or in the hal...

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