1080° Snowboarding Tips

Crystal Lake
Immediately after the big jump is a house with a ramp beside it directly ahead. Go off the course and hit the ramp, and you will find a shorter route.
Crystal Peak
Immediately after coming out of the tunnel, you will turn right. You will see two different paths. Hit the one to the right. Be sure that after coming out of the tunnel you make the right turn sharply, or you may not be able to turn in time to hit the right path. The right path is much shorter and you will bypass some tough obstacles.
Deadly Falls
At the start, go straight to find little mounds to the left and a fork. The CPU goes right when the mountain protrudes on. Go left to find a mound ramping up. Hit it and it will thin out to a peak. Ride to the point and you will fly up on to the mountain. There is another little mound on that. Go left around it and cut back sharply. Then aim forward to go on to an ice bridge, which is difficult to find. Follow it until you are back on the main hill. When you get back down, you should see a mound in front of you with a hole in it. Do not take it -- just turn straight down and go your usual way through the outcrops of trees.
Dragon Cave
If you are a little behind near the end and are willing to take a risk, drive straight through the little shack and ride the thin cable to a small lead. Be careful -- if you land poorly it will most likely cost you the race.
Golden Forest
When you reach the fork with trees and powder in the middle, enter the powder. After a while you will see a large log going in the air. Ride up it to get to a further part of the track.
Mountain Village
The inside of the cave may seem like a maze, but stay to the right side and you will find your way through much easier.