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Become the one and only James Bond and use the lastest vehicles from Q-Branch in an effort to stop an evil crime lord's plans. Drive through a series of varied locales in 14 missions and hunt, eliminate and evade enemies ranging from helicopters to enemy cars. Receive new weapons systems from Q-Branch. Experience racing 007 style thanks to the Need for Speed game engine.

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Aug 18, 10 8:46pm
When I first got the game it had a misleading boxart. Didn't get much play time. 007Racing
Mar 5, 09 1:40am
Classic 007Racing
Nikolai Diavolo
May 3, 04 8:23am

James Bond ventures out into his own driving-based game after EA think they've got...

Winged Dragon of Ra
Apr 7, 04 3:45pm

there are some twists and surprise, such as some very bad glitches. the only real...

Dec 24, 03 8:45am

Be Bond, behind the wheel. Pay attention 007. This is for your eyes only. Q-Branch has...

Extreme Mewtwo
Mar 13, 03 4:23pm

This game was not like I expected it to be. Please do not buy this game, as it is not...

Apr 22, 02 3:41pm

this game sucks alot dont buy it ssssssssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuu ccccccccccc...

Apr 18, 02 11:57am

If you want some decent Bond action in a car, buy a £200 PlayStation2 and a £40 Agent...

Feb 24, 02 11:34am

The jury is still out on whether or not 007racing is a good idea, but the more wee see...

Nov 9, 01 10:42am

Graphics could have used a lil more work, but surfice for the time being, and as...

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  • North America: Nov 20, 2000
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