James Bond 007: NightFire Mission Briefing FAQ v1.00
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James Bond 007: NightFire Mission Briefing FAQ

by Andrew Testa   Updated to v1.00 on
This walkthrough was originally written for James Bond 007: NightFire on the GC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS2 version of the game.
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                    007 Nightfire Mission Briefing FAQ
                         for the Nintendo Gamecube
                    Last Updated 03/11/03 (Version 1.00)
                By "ATesta" (Email Address TestaALT@aol.com)

 This file is Copyright (c) 2003 Andrew Testa [ATesta]. All rights reserved.


Mission 1 "Paris Prelude"

It's a few minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve and 007 is on the case.
French intelligence Officer Dominique Paradis is being chased through the
streets of Paris as she pursues evil-doers who are trying to deliver a bomb to
the Effel Tower. M16 has sent its number-one agent, James Bond, to help
Dominique and prevent the bomb from going off.

This mission serves as a quick primer to some of the controls and introduces
you to some of the game's basic strategies and tactics. Get ready Bond, the
fate of the world is once again in your hands.

Mission 2 "The Exchange"

Good evening, 007. A redesigned piece of missles guidance hardware intended
for the orbiting US space weapons platform has been stolen. NATO has advised
that recovery is critical - should an unfriendly power "reverse engineer" this
device, the platform's global defense capabilities would be comprised. Recent
intelligence Rafael Drake in the theft. It's hard to believe, as Drake is re-
spected 'green' industrialist, whose company, Phoenix International, disman-
ties obsolete atomic reactors and decommissions nuclear arsenals. An allies
agent planted in Drake's organization reports that Alexander Mayhew, a British
expartiate who heads Phoenix's Japanese branch, is en route to Drake's castle
in Austria.  The stolen guidance device will change hands tonight, during a
formal gathering at the castle.  Drake's security team are hardened men-as a
00 agent, you may have to answer aggression with agression. Good luck, Bond.

Mission 3 "Alpine Escape"

No lenghty mission briefing is needed for this adventure. You are on the run as
you escape the castle where you stole the secret guidance chip. As Bond and
Agent Nightshade flee the compound, they come across the guards' motor pool.
Several armored snowmobiles here are the oerfedt way for Bond to escape. In
this mission, Agent Nightshade drives while Bond shoots. Listen to Agent
Nightshade as she calls out where the enemy attackers are coming from.

Mission 4 "Enemy Vanquished"

After a long night of rest and relaxation, Bond and Agent Nightshade are ready
to leave, but Drake's men have other ideas. It's up to Bond and his trusty
Aston Martin V-12 Vanquish to save the day. You have limited time to get to the
rendezvous with Q. The local authorities don't take kindly to a high-speed
chase running through their town, so watch out for the police. Because you are
one of the good guys, you can't shoot at the police. Use your non-lethal
weapons to take care of your pursuers and earn some Bond moves.

Mission 5 "Double Cross"

Bond, M16 has been contacted by Alexander Mayhew, Rafael Drake's chief of Asian
operations. Mayhew fears that Drake intends to kill him, holding him
responsible for their little "setback" in Austria. In exchange for our
protection, Mayhew will deliver evidence exposing Drake's master plan,
code-name "Nightfire" -a scheme that Mayhew insists threatens global security.

Mission 6 "Night Shift"

Alex's code key and password should get you into the Phoenix mainframe... but
they'll have everything locked down by the time you get there. You've got three
new items fro, Q Branch to aid in your entry to the building: a dart gun to
tranquilize the guards; a decryptor to defeat any code-locked doors you
encounter; and a Q-Worm; a virus that will help M16 infiltrat their computer

Mission 7 "Chain Reaction"

M16 has decrypted the Nightfire files and they don't look good. Bond's job is
to sneak into the facility and find out even more evidence of what is going on.

Mission 8 "Phoenix Fire"

Kiko brings the subdued Bond back to the headquarters building of Phoenix
international. Drake means to kill both Bond and Dominique Paradise. Hidden
security cameras caught her helping Bond during the Night Shift mission.
Dominique and Bond struggle to break free of their captors and Bond is able to
jump free-down to the glass elevator you used to reach the top of the tower in
the last mission. Bond must escape the tower to complete the mission, and the
task won't be easy. The guards are on high alert, and it will be a shootout all
the way.

Mission 9 "Deep Descent"

Bond and Agent McCall need to infiltrate Drake's island facility. Phoenix
International disarms nuclear weapons at this base, and UN weapons inspectors
have cleared the facility, but M16 doesn't believe so. Your trusty V-12
Vanquish doubles as a submarine, and you will use this special feature to get
into the base undetected. You must evade all of Drake's island defenses: laser
trip wires, magnetic mines, and submarines. This is a difficult mission. One
misstep, and it's over. There are no save points long the way. Get used to
starting this mission over and over; it takes a lot of skill to complete this

Mission 10 "Island Infliration"

Bond and Agent McCall have made it safely through the underwater caverns and
onto the beach. Now the two secret agents must discover the location of Drake's
command center. Lucky for Bond and McCall, an armored SUV is waiting for their
use. Drive the SUV around the island and disable the island's defences.

Bond and Agent McCall have brought down some of Drake's defenses, but there are
still more out there. McCall will fly the plane while Bond mans the controls of
the plane's weapons. You have a pulse cannon and missiles to take out the enemy
targets. You need to bring down all of the Sentinel guns and other island
defenses, like other enemy plans, guard towers, and riverboats.

Mission 11 "Countdown"

Bond and McCall have made it deep into the island case of Phoenix
International. It is up to Bond to find out exactly what is up and to stop it
if possible. This mission has you sneaking around the compound and chasing Kiko
Hayashi. Bond owes her one for throwing Dominique off the top of Phoenix
International headquarters building. This mission also has Bond in a final
confrontation with Armitage Rook. This is a difficult mission to complete. Good
luck, Bond. You'll need it.

Mission 12 "Equinox"

This is it: the final battle. Drake's forces have taken over the US Space
Weapons Platform. Drake wants to take out the remaining nuclear arsenals that
threaten his island. With his island arsenal and the US Space Platform under
control, Drake would be unstoppable. Bond will have to be on top of his game in
order to defeat this evil plan. You must take out the missiles' guidance system
before they launch. You have the laser weapon you stole from Armitage Rook at
the end of the last mission. Get ready Bond; this is the final test.

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